Learning to Age Wisely

<strong>Learning to Age Wisely</strong>

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

90:12 NIV

What is there about aging that scares us? I used to color my hair since I grayed prematurely while working as a personal trainer. The focus in health clubs is youthful appearance. So it was advantageous to color those salt-and-pepper locks to gain clients’ trust of all ages. And it worked! 

I was thin and muscular, and the hair color helped me maintain a youthful appearance. That is, until I experienced an allergic reaction to hair dye. Hot red crept down from the crown of my head onto my face. Quickly, I washed the dye out and took allergy medication. As my hair grew out, the stark contrast between the white hair that built up underneath the colored hair surprised me. By this time, I no longer worked in gyms, and menopause crept in along with autoimmune disease. My appearance transformed into a middle-aged woman with a few more pounds around my middle. Although I miss my former self, I’ve since learned that we will indeed age no matter what. The key I’ve discovered is taking care of the body God gave me so I can continue serving Him and others throughout my years.

At first, I thought our focus verse was about planning our time, but as I searched Psalm 90, I discovered it had more to do with what we do with aging in the number of years we live. One of sins’ consequences is growing old and eventually dying (Genesis 3:19)­. Yet even in our short time on earth, we can trust God’s unfailing love for us. Yet, God’s Word cautions us to be aware of the limits time places on us, so may we use our time wisely as we grow older.


Lord, we don’t like that we age, trying so hard to prevent or slow the process. Yet we know that our time on earth is limited, and it will affect our bodies no matter what we do. May we use our remaining time wisely as we look forward to living forever with you one day. Amen.

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