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Everywhere I go, God takes me on adventures. Some are wonderful, while others I don’t care to repeat. All of them have been challenges that have stretched me and grown my faith.

I am a newly, oldly-wed with my Boaz, my Second Blessing! My first husband, my high school sweetheart, passed away from a long battle with cancer. We were married for 29 years. It was a heart-wrenching adventure to lose such a sweet man of God. The Lord heard my pain as I prayed and He brought another wonderful man of God into my life. I call him my Boaz. I’ve been enormously blessed twice!

My passion is helping people improve their lives through healthy living while deepening in their faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for around 25 years and have encountered a religious landscape under the guise of holistic health and wellness. You can see more about my ministry, Be Totally Fit for Life!.

My life with chronic pain and fatigue conditions present unique challenges for me, but God has enabled me to do far more than I could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21). Recently, I’ve had a twist in my adventure. Follow my progress in my blog posts about this challenge with Mixed Collagen Vascular Disease.

I manage my health as naturally as possible, although I do have some medical interventions. My workouts are usually a blend of functional training exercises, traditional weights, PraiseMoves, and cardio fitness walking,using the elliptical, riding my bicycle, or swimming. I eat a healthy diet of lean meats, primarily poultry and fish, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole gluten-free grains, non-dairy alternatives, with plenty of water. Ups and downs come with chronic health conditions. When I get knocked down, I get back up again for yet more adventures. I encourage others who face challenges to do the best they can with what they find each day.

I am a certified personal trainer, Christian wellness coach, author, and freelance writer, so you will see some of my work in blog posts, magazine articles, and books. I greatly enjoy interacting with those who visit me, so take the time to comment on posts, ask questions, or let me know how I can pray for you. You may also email me at charlaine_martin@yahoo.com.

I live in Central Florida, where we are adjusting to the climate and all that goes with it! My husband and I enjoy cycling together on local bike trails and flying his single-engine plane when the sky beckons. He jokingly refers to me as his “biker babe.” We no longer travel to exciting places, but we are content. We love spending time with our adult children and sharing tickle bugs with our grandchildren.

Char swimming with swim tether.

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