Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve served so many people over the years both in gyms, churches, and online who have asked lots of questions. Here are some common questions asked about Be Totally Fit for Life!, me as a personal trainer and Christian wellness coach, and our Christ-centered approach in our Healthy Lifestyles coaching groups and programs.

Question: Is Be Totally Fit for Life! a non-profit organization?

Answer: No. Be Totally Fit for Life! is a small business based on biblical Christian principles. The money that comes in goes to offset the expenses of operations. If, and when, more comes in than the operating expenses, then I do receive pay. “For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer deserves his wages.” 1 Timothy 5:18 ESV. Taxes are paid for the money that comes in.

Question: Do you have a physical location where to meet with you?

Answer: Not at this time. Brick and mortar locations are expensive. I work online which keeps expenses down meaning lower costs for you. I do have the ability to “meet face to face” through FaceTime and online chat rooms. If God provides for a physical location for Be Totally Fit for Life! I would be thrilled!

Question: What qualifies you to do personal training, and Christian wellness coaching, plus develop and lead Healthy Lifestyles groups?

Answer: First, God’s call, but where God’s calls He also equips for service. I have a bachelor’s degree from Malone University (formerly, Malone College) in Management plus college level studies in Christian ministry and exercise science. I also have been, and currently hold, certifications in personal training, group exercise, martial arts, wellness coaching, and senior exercise specialist. Every two years, I must take continuing education credits which include, but are not limited to, nutrition, arthritis, kettlebell, bodyweight, HIIT, rest-based training, water exercise, special conditions, weight management, and more. I also maintain certification for CPR/AED.

Question: Do I need special exercise equipment to work with you?

Answer: Technically, no. I can train you how to use your bodyweight depending on your space and physical conditions. I do, however, advocate for some equipment or a gym membership for cardio exercise for those who live in climates that make working out outdoors difficult or hazardous. Jump ropes, stability balls, bands, and small handweights are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Question: Why do you charge for personal training, coaching, and Healthy Lifestyles groups? I thought Christians do things like this for free?

Answer: First, re-read the first question. There are expenses involved in operations and it isn’t unChristian to earn a fair wage for what I do. I have bills to pay. My husband and I live a frugal lifestyle, according to Dave Ramsey’s principles. Second, it costs to keep my credentials current. Second, you pay for my knowledge and expertise in health, fitness, and wellness that I’ve gained for 25+ years. I also stay current in these areas. Third, I’ve learned along the way that people will invest time and energy in what they pay for. If people pay nothing or little, they often treat the training or class sessions as worthless. It is therapeutic for clients and participants to help support what I do here at Be Totally Fit for Life! Besides, you can sacrifice that fast food meal or double mocha latte to pay for group participation, personal training, or coaching!

Question: I have health conditions that cause problems for me to lose weight. Can I still benefit from personal training or coaching or Healthy Lifestyles groups?

Answer: Yes!!! Some clients with thyroid and other metabolic issues, and who take medications that cause weight gain, still benefit from these services. First, you learn basic principles that help you manage your condition through healthy living practices. Second, many of my clients have burned some excess body fat and lost at least modest weight. There are no guarantees that you will lose the amount of weight you want since weight loss results vary based on a host of factors. You should always consult your medical provider before making any changes to your diet and exercise program to ensure the safest, most beneficial experience.

Question: Why did the URL redirect me to

Answer: To be a better steward of our finances. Instead of maintaining two websites that cost more financially and time-wise to maintain, my daughter set it up Be Totally Fit for Life! ‘s URL to be a subdomain.

Question: Do you offer discount codes or scholarships?

Answer: Yes. Limited scholarships are offered for people with dire financial circumstances. Also, you never should pay full price for any service. You can come to an intro class to get discounts or find special discounts offered periodically. Buy packages for personal training or coaching to reduce per session costs. You can also split costs with the buddy system for personal coaching and personal training. Otherwise, simply ask for discounts.

Question: Do you teach mindfulness, meditation, or other mind-body practices.

Answer: NO! Instead, I teach clients and group members about prayer, Bible study, and the classic Christian spiritual disciplines. All eastern religious practices, New Age, and Wicca are not compatibile with biblical Christian faith.

I do advocate for people to check out PraiseMoves, the Christian Alternative to Yoga, and teach ChiRho Flow, my Christian Alternative to Tai Chi. The Hindu and Buddist practices and symbolism in the movements and exercises have been removed and replaced with God-honoring substitutes. You still get the physical benefits without idolatry.

Question: I’ve heard (or read) that you have health conditions. Do these impair you doing your training, coaching, or groups?

Answer: The simple answer is no. I am still capable of conducting all of them. The more complex answer is it depends. There are certain exercises I should not do to demonstrate. I can direct you to sites that show you how to do those exercises. I am still able to cue you and write exercise programs, lead groups, and conduct coaching sessions like any other health and fitness pro. I do have flares which aren’t any different than a person who gets the flu or some other illness. In those cases, we may need to cancel or reschedule. Because I practice what I preach and teach, my health conditions are well-managed.

Question: Are you hiring?

Answer: Not at this time. I do offer Healthy Lifestyles group leader training for churches (volunteer), and Healthy Lifestyle Coach training (independent contractor). You may request an application and reference sheet. The costs are fair and reasonable. Most churches will pay for the group leader training, which is low. Coach costs are easily recovered within 1-2 years of diligent work. Coach certification is not NCCA-accredited at this time, but I hope to change this in the future.

Question: Where is your BOOK!

Answer: Books take time to write! Yes, I’ve been at it for a while, but I’ve been pouring time and energy into clients, group members, blog posts, and social media. Whew! I’ll announce when a publisher picks up the book proposal and when it is released.

Question: Can I write for your blog?

Answer: My standard answer is usually no. I am very picky about who writes for Be Totally Fit for Life! and the content. Anyone who writes for my blog is usually a Christian professional in health, fitness, and wellness whose beliefs and values align with our mission, vision, and values.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, please, email me at