ChiRho Flow: The Christian Alternative to TaiChi

The Christian alternative to TaiChi

ChiRho Flow, the Christian alternative to TaiChi, is a gentle exercise form. It combines martial arts movements, from the parent Christian martial arts system American Stratiotia Christou, with exercise movements set to a slow, deliberate rhythm. As a result, you will gain better body control, mental clarity, balance, breath capacity, and range of motion. Feel refreshed and energized as you worship the Lord through this peaceful movement! ChiRho Flow is accompanied by Bible passages and performed with Christian music by SpiritMusic. It’s a great complement to Healthy Lifestyles groups and Christian Wellness Coaching. ChiRho Flow emblem and system Trademark and Registration pending. All rights reserved by Charlaine W. Martin, 2022.

Classes Begin January 10, 2023. Register now. By participating in ChiRho Flow classes, you assume all liability for injuries or damages incurred or sustained. You will not hold Be Totally Fit for Life!, Charlaine Martin, or any other related party liable. Please, check with your medical provider before beginning any exercise program.

Special Updates!

We’ve had several tech issues and probably a touch of spiritual warfare just trying to video and upload the classes for you. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we work to get this beneficial workout class up and running for you. The goal is to re-record the first class and upload it by the end of this week. Watch for more information.