Sharing Christ from a Yin Yang

Sharing Christ from a Yin Yang

Did this title grab your attention? I bet it did! In my previous posts from my martial arts days, Harmonious Living and Ch’i Whiz!, we discussed balancing energies, what the Yin Yang stands for, and why it’s incompatible with our Christian faith. Here I give you a tool to share Christ with people who practice Hinduism and Buddhism, especially Zen, through the New Age Movement. Also, please, do become familiar with the Roman Road.

Here is how to prepare:

First, pray for an opportunity to share Christ with someone and the right attitude as you have this conversation.

Second, read through the Bible passages and know them well.

Third, have a conversation with this person when that opportunity comes.

Fourth, pray for that person after you’ve spoken with them.

Fifth, follow up with them. If they didn’t pray to accept Christ with you, ask them if they have questions or concerns you can address. If they did pray, help that person connect to a healthy Bible-teaching church and help them learn more about their new faith in Christ.

As you consider these frames and how to use them, know that you will encounter the Yin Yang concept in fitness centers, gyms, chiropractic offices, medical offices, schools, and more. It’s not just found in martial arts schools. If you want to print this out, contact me at, and I will send you the .zip file with instructions on extracting and printing them as a handy tool.

I would love to hear about your experience using these frames with someone. Feel free to contact me at to get the download and if you have questions or comments. May God bless you!

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